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A person can undertake rigorous efforts to lose weight such as performing workouts, following a strict dietary pattern. But everybody should lose weight effectively in this process. Some people who are obese require physicians’ consultation. Such people should consume medications or pills to lose weight.

Advantages of pills
By consuming pills, a person can lose weight quickly as they help in controlling appetite of the person. These pills also help is absorbing valuable nutrients in the body and do not build excess calories in the body. The calories in your body are burnt quickly.

Some of the popular pills are
1. Hydroxycut
It is one of the weight loss supplements that consist of several ingredients such as caffeine and few plant extracts. After consuming this supplement, a person can lose about 9 kgs in 3 months.

2. Orlistat
It is a type of pill that is available over the counter and it absorbs the valuable nutrients in your body while it breaks down the fatty substances in your body. Apart from losing weight, a person can also lower his or her level of blood pressure. A person can lose 2.7 kgs in a month. This pill can be effective to a person only if he or she follows a high-fibre diet.

3. Raspberry Ketones
Ketone is a substance that is found in raspberries and it is extracted from this fruit. It is a weight loss supplement that can breakdown the fatty substances from the body and increase the level of adiponectin in the body that is meant for weight loss.

4. Lorcaserin
This pill is most effective to people who follow a right dietary pattern and who daily performed exercises. This pill touches the serotonin receptors of the brain and cause them consume less food by reducing the urge to eat. A person can rapidly lose 3.7 kgs in a month, but it should not be consumed by pregnant women. This medication works best for the people who suffer from obesity.

5. Topiramate and Phentermine:
The pill that contains both these elements are termed as Qsymia. It is a pill that helps in controlling appetite and inducing a full feeling so that a person does not feel urged to eat more. It should not be consumed by a pregnant woman.

6. Glucomannan
At the root of yam, a fibre is found named as konjac. From these fibres capsules are named and they are named as Glucomann. They are gel-like substances that absorb excessive water content of your body and also make you feel stomach full. Scientists have proven this pill as a healthy supplement and a person can lose about 8 to 10 pounds in a week. Apart from causing weight loss, a person can also reduce the cholesterol level in the body, lower blood pressure and reduce constipation problems.

7. Liraglutide
This pill leads to insulin production in the body and helps in controlling the level of sugar and blood pressure in the body. It is more ideal for people with type 2 diabetes.
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